How to Manage Linked Client Profiles on Self-Service in EZFacility Classic

This article will demonstrate how to use Self-Service to manage the schedules and purchases of multiple linked client profiles.

Sharing Self-Service - Linking Client Profiles

The Self-Service Portal can be shared across linked clients.  All clients who need to share the portal must be added individually and linked to the account holder's profile. The account holder is the client that set up their Self-Service user name and password.

Once the clients are added into the location, the profiles must be linked to the account holder's profile. Identify the relationship type and search for each client.

The Client's View - Self Service

The Filter button allows the user to select who is booking a session, rental, registration or making a purchase.

Select the Filter button to view all linked clients and make a selection.

If the Filter is not selected prior to choosing the session, the user can change the participant using Book For after the session is selected.

The client will purchase the required package to complete the booking, if needed.

***Trainer Note - The specific client booking into a session must have the correct package associated with their profile. Even if the account holder already has the correct package, the booking client will not be able to complete the registration unless they purchase the package.

Completing the purchase transaction also completes the booking. The user will be taken to their My Schedule tab. Each user linked to the account will have their own schedule tab.

Select the My Schedule Tab to view a specific client's booked sessions, or to cancel sessions if allowed.

Clients who share a portal can also book Rentals or Registrations under each client's profile

Permitting Clients Link a New Client On Self-Service

Client accounts can be set up to allow the Account Holder to add their own family members.  Select Self-Service Preferences.

In the User Profile section, check allow user to add relationships

The Client's View - Adding Relationships

Select the Profile Tab then select the Relationships Tab to view existing relationships or to add new ones.

Identify the relationship type, then add the client information.

The system will automatically search for the named to client to prevent the addition of a duplicate.

Click Submit

A confirmation message will be shown and the newly added and linked client profile will be able to use the self-service portal.

Managing Packages

Packages purchased on Self-Service will remain linked to the specific client's profile and can be used online and in the facility.

Packages can be shared so that all linked clients can use them on Self-Service.

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