Setting Up a Simple Membership in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to set up a Simple Membership. Simple Memberships do not create any invoices or generate billing. It simply labels the client as a member. It is commonly used if you are not tracking membership billing through EZFacility or give free memberships but still want to track who is a member.


Click on Clients.

Select a Client

1. Search for your client or create a New Client.

2Click on the first or last name of the client.

Membership Details

In the Membership # text-box, you can enter a unique number for that client. (Customers don’t have to be a member to have a membership number.)

You can manually enter a number or you can have the system generate a number for you by clicking on the Generate link.

If you have purchased custom printed key tags and a bar code scanner, you will want to enter the membership number associated with a specific key tag. To do that, simply put the cursor in the Membership # text-box and scan the key tag. The number associated with that key tag will appear.


New Contract: This is only used for Advanced Memberships

Membership Type: Use the drop-down menu to select a membership type.

Start: select the Start Date for the membership.

Expiration: Select the End Date for the membership.

Membership Fee: Enter a membership fee (This is optional and will not bill the client or create an invoice. This would just be for your records.)

Initiation Fee: Enter an Initiation fee (This is optional and will not bill the client or create an invoice. This would just be for your records.)

Pmt Details: You can enter Payment Details (This is optional. This would just be for your records.)

Notes: You can enter notes to be associated with this membership (This is optional.)

Click on the Update button.

**Trainer Tip: With Simple Memberships, you cannot charge customers for their membership through the EZFacility software. Simple Memberships are only meant for companies who give their customers free memberships.

**Trainer Tip: If your facility uses a door access, note Access Control to configure facility rules, and to register member accounts for door access.  If your do not use a door access, you can also apply the pre-set rules to the check in window. Please see How to set up Access Control.


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