How to Sell a Post-Billed Package in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to sell a Post Billed package.


Click on Clients.

Selecting a Client

Select a Client

Search for a current client or create a New Client.


Selling a Post Billed Package

Click on the client's Packages tab and select New Package.

Select the Create Post-Billed Package option.

  1. Package Type will default to Post-Billed.
  2. You can select a Salesperson for the Sold By option.
  3. Reservation Type allows you to select the type of package you want to sell to the client.
  4. Share With is defaulted to No One or you can select All Related Clients that have set a relationship in the client's profile.
  5. Auto-Pay can be set to Yes or No once the invoice is billed.
  6. Renewal Threshold will show the renewal icon once these many sessions are remaining.
  7. Package Rate of the Post Billed package will appear here.
  8. You have the option to have the Post Billed package Auto Renew once the sessions are billed by setting it to Yes or No.
  9. Click on Save to create the Post Billed Package.

Post-Billed Packages will be available under the Client's  package tab. They are identified by the POST links under Purchased and Remaining columns as well as the lack of billing information displayed until the package is closed. You can schedule as many sessions with this package as you desire. Once closed, it will then bill a "per session" fee for each session in the closed package tab.

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