How to Create a Post Billed Package in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to create post-billed packages that can be then sold to a client to bill them after sessions have been used.


Select Administration.

**Trainer Tip: Use the left navigation sidebar for quick access to the Packages settings.

Locate the Packages section and select Post Billed Packages

Creating a Post Billed Package

  1. Choose a Reservation Type for the creation of the post-billed package.
  2. Enter a session number in the field labeled With at least and then enter a monetary value in the following field which will be used to bill each session for.
  3. Extra Billed Items allow you to associate a pre-defined item once a session is billed and you will have to click on Save Extra Billed Item.
  4. Once you have selected and filled out the information for the Post Billed Package you will click on Add Package Rate.
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