How to Set Up the Check-In Dashboard in EZFacility Classic

This guide will demonstrate how to set up and use the Check-in Dashboard. The Dashboard can be used to track the number of clients in total and in separate areas of the facility.

How to Enable the Check-in Dashboard

Access User Administration to view and change User Permissions. The Dashboard can only be enabled by users with Manager permissions.


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Select permissions. 

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Locate Administration Permissions. Turn on the Check-Out feature. Once enabled, the user will be able to enable or disable the check-out functionality and set the location's total capacity.

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Setting Up Check-in Stations

Once on the Check-in Stations page:

1. Enable Checkout Preference

2. Add the needed Check-In Stations

3. Identify which stations are Main Check-in Stations and which are Secondary Check-in Stations. 

4. Set the Location's Max Capacity

5. You can set a max capacity to Secondary locations to track the total number of guests in that location.


***Trainer Tip - Main Check-in Stations should be any station where guests are entering or exiting the location. In order to track the total number of guests, it will be essential to understand "Main" and "Secondary" locations.

All Main Station check ins or check-outs will increase or decrease the total location capacity.   A check-in to a Main Station will increase the location capacity by one. A check-out from a Main Station will decrease the location capacity by one.

****Trainer Tip - A check-out from a Main Station will also check that guest out from any active Secondary location check-in. The location capacity will be decreased by one.

If a client checks out of a secondary station, it will only check them out of that station; it will not check them out of the Main location. 


The Check-in Dashboard

Once the Check-out feature has been enabled users will be able to have access to the Check-In dashboard. The Check-In dashboard can be accessed by hovering over the check-in tab when logged into EZFacility and selecting 'Check-in Dashboard'.

Once on the Check-In Dashboard users will be able to:

  • See the number of clients checked in per location
  • See the number of clients checked in per Secondary Station
  • Filter by client name or station
  • Manually check-out clients
  • Manually update check-out times
  • Review previous date's check-in details


If locations get close to their maximum capacity, the Check-in Dashboard will alert you with a change in color.

This is a location at maximum capacity. The Secondary Check-in will turn red, and an alert will appear on the menu.

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Attempting to check into an at capacity station will give the user the option to  discontinue the check-in, but selecting cancel will allow booking beyond the maximum capacity.  Staff can determine whether or not to allow the client to check into a station that is at maximum capacity.

Editing the Check-Out Time

The Check-in Dashboard allows the user to edit the check-out time of clients who have previously checked out.

The time can be manually adjusted to the desired time, or the user can select the Now button to use the current time. Select Done to record the changes.

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