How to Set Up Reservation Types in EZFacility Classic

This guide will show you how to set up and edit reservation types.


Select Administration.

**Trainer Tip: Use the left navigation sidebar for quick access to the Packages settings.

Locate the Packages section and select Reservation Types

Select +Add Reservation Type.

Creating a Reservation Type

  1. Reservation Type: This is the name of the session you are creating. It can also be used to create a package that you are only going to sell, or attach to a member profile.
  2. Can Schedule: Check this box for any session or class that you want to appear on the schedule.
  3. Can Sell: Check this box if you are going to use this Reservation Type to create a package.
  4. Revenue Category: sets the default Revenue Category for packages or rentals of this type
  5. Class Size: This option is used to set a limit on the number of registrants in a session.
  6. Color: This option allows for the assigning of a specific color to a Reservation Type so that you can distinguish it from other sessions on the schedule.
  7. Reservation Category: For those using the MemberMe + app, this setting allows classes of this type to be seen on the app schedule tile.
  8. Reservation Sub-category: This is used for the MemberMe+ app.
  9. Session Length: Use this option to pre-set the session duration.
  10. Default Allow Free Booking: This option is used to allow registration into a class, without purchasing a package.
  11. Once the information for the Reservation Type has been filled or selected, you will select Add Reservation Type.

Editing a Reservation Type

View, edit, and delete Reservation Type via the control panel:

  • Green Arrows: change the order Reservation Types are displayed.
  • Pencil Icon: edit details.
  • Wrench Icon: editing of Self-service settings.
  • Garbage Can: Delete the Reservation Type
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