How to Set Up Reservation Types in EZFacility Classic

Setting Up Reservation Types - Main Page

Reservation Types are located within the Packages tab in Administration. Its purpose is to set up the type of class or program you wish to put ont he schedule so that your clients can book into them. Once you click on Reservation Types, click on the '+ Add Reservation Type' button.

Setting Up Reservation Types

1. Reservation Type - This would be the type of class or program you wish to schedule where clients can book into.

2. Can Schedule - Setting your reservations to be placed on your EZFacility schedule.

3. Can Sell - Setting your reservation to be offered as a sold package for clients.

4. Revenue Category - Tying your revenue categories to a class or program that you may be selling. (Check Revenue Categories)

5. Class Size - This sets the maximum capacity of your reservation.

6. Color - Pick a color that represents the class you are setting up so when you look at your schedule, you will know X color represents X reservation.

7. Res. Category - This ties to your MemberMe Plus application. This will depend on whether or not you want this specific class available to be booked into on the application.

8. Session Length - This will determine the length of your reservation.

9. Default Allow Free Bookings - This offers your reservations to be booked into for free internally, not online.

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