How to Add Items to Invoices in the Shopping Cart in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to add an item to invoices in the shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Click on either Shopping Cart

Note: The cart containing the globe will handle all the uninvoiced items created by all users in that location. Notice that the numbers highlighted in red are the amount of uninvoiced items present in the cart. The cart without the globe handles all uninvoiced items created by the individual user that is currently logged on.

Edit Filters

Click on Edit Filters.

Filter Out Items

Note: Invoiced/Uninvoiced will need to be set as "Item IS on an invoice". If the billing items are not on an invoice you will not have the ability to add items to an invoice.

Click on Apply Filters

Add Billed Items

1. Select the items. Click the "Add..." drop-down box to choose another item.

2. Click on Add Billed Items To Invoices.

Added Item

You can now click on the invoice number to be redirected to the invoice.

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