This lesson will show you how to add a new user account for an employee


Click on Administration.

User Administration

User Administration

Click on User Administration

User Administration

Click on New User

New User

1. Select the desired Role for the user (This is their level of permissions when they are logged into EZFacility)

2. Enter their first and last name

3. Enter an email address (This is used for emails and email blasts as a return address)

4. Enter a unique username and password *requirements: Minimum 6 characters and must contain both letters and numbers.

5. Enter cellular phone number and choose the provider associated with the Trainer's cell phone so the trainer will be able to receive text message notifications

Note: If a Trainer does not want to receive text message reminders select "Don't use SMS"

6. Some of the user permissions require that the user account be linked to a specific resource added to your schedule, these permissions involve scheduling, reporting and attendance.

  • Send Email Notifications For: Email will be sent when an attendance status changes for any future session for this Resource that results in a change in the class size of the session; for example, if someone goes from Scheduled to Reschedule or from Waitlist to Scheduled. (Note that this will have no effect if you associate with a sales person).


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