How to Refund Payments (Full & Partial) in EZFacility Classic

The following steps can be followed to refund a payment to a customer:

*Refunds back to a Credit Card can only be processed through EZPayments, Constellation Payments (CSI Pay), or Global Payments. If you are using a different gateway to process your credit card payments, you will need to do an External refund in EZFacility and log into your merchant account's own web portal to process the refund back to the credit card. Refunds for a Direct Debit (EFT/ACH) payment must also be refunded manually.

This guide will provide the steps to issue a full or partial refund to a client.

How to Issue a Full Refund

Click on the Clients link

Choose Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on client's First or Last name

Client Billing

1. Click on the client's Billing tab

2. From Billing click on the Payments tab

3. Click on the Receipt number to access the detailed payment information

Payment Details

When the payment is applied, it will list those items it is currently paying.

Using Unpay

1. Click on the "Unpay" link to remove the applied amount from the item

2. Once the payment has been unapplied you can now click on "Refund"

Issuing the Refund

1. Use the default refund amount or change it to the desired amount

2. Choose the method to refund to

3. Enter any comments about the refund

4. Click on "Issue Refund" to complete the process

Completed Refund

1. The initial payment reflects the amount refunded (full or partial amount.)

2. The refund is listed as a separate payment as the Total Received amount in parentheses.

3. Please keep in mind when you click "Issue Refund" the invoice will still show a balance as you have simply removed the paid amount from the invoice. At this point you will have an open invoice that you can wait to receive payment on or you can void the invoice to remove it entirely.

How to Issue a Partial Refund

This guide will show you how to issue a partial refund to a client.


Click on the Clients tab

Choose Your Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on the client's First or Last name


1. Click on the Billing tab

2. Click on Invoices

3. Change the Show drop-down menu to All Invoices

4. Click the Edit pencil next to the paid invoice you wish to do a refund for

Edit Receipt

1. A receipt on an invoice that shows a Total Applied lower than the Total Received is eligible to have the difference refunded

2. Click on the Receipt number to refund the difference

Refund the Receipt

Click on the Refund link

Refund Method

1. Choose your method of refund from the drop-down

2. Click Issue Refund

Refund Complete

The receipt summary now shows the original amount collected, the amount refunded and what the remaining value is applied toward

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