How to Apply a Payment in EZFacility Classic

The following directions will demonstrate the various ways to take payment.



Click on the Clients link

Choose Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on client's First or Last name

Taking a payment through the clients page

1. Take a payment directly from the client detail page using the "Make Payment" button.


2. Click on the Billing tab and make the payment.

Taking the payment through the Billing - Payments page

Click on "Add a Payment "

Taking a payment directly against an Invoice

Click on the gold dollar icon to make a payment against an invoice

Entering payment details

1. Enter your payment amount, use predefined totals or manually enter the amount received.

2. Choose your payment method.

3. Enter a payment memo if needed.

4. Click "Take Payment" to move to applying the payment.

Apply the payments to open Items

1. The payment will auto split (if multiple items are owed and the payment amount exceeds the amount due of the oldest item.) You can move the payment values to those items you wish to have paid.

2. Once all amounts have been assigned to the items you desire click on "Apply Payment" to complete the payment process.

* You do not have to apply the full payment to items owed, any money not accounted for on the apply payment will be left as Remaining money left on the client's account.)

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