How to Set Up Taxes for your Account in EZFacility Classic

This lesson will show you how to set up taxes for your account to apply to items that you have billed your customers for. This applies to Memberships, Packages, Rentals, Registrations, POS Transactions and Locker rentals.

* The taxes will automatically apply to all items billed, you will have the opportunity to turn the tax off for individual items as desired on an invoice or keep certain aspects of the software untaxed using Revenue Categories.


Click on Administration.

Billing Administration

Click on the Taxes link

Adding your Tax Rate

Adding your Tax Rate

1. Type in a Tax Code to identify the tax on the invoice. (examples: HST, PST, GST, VAT)

2. Type in a detailed Tax Label

3. Type in remarks about the tax if desired

4. Enter the tax percentage

5. Set the first date that you would like the tax to apply to items being billed

6. Click Add Tax to save the entry

Tax Added

Tax Added

The newly created tax rate is now displayed with a details link that you can click on to make changes to the entry

If you charge two separate taxes you can enter a second tax rate

* Multiple taxes will calculate separately against the revenue amount and are not compounded

Viewing Tax Details

Viewing Tax Details

1. Use the change links to modify the displayed information or click on Deactivate to prevent the tax rate from applying to items billed from the date of deactivation

2. If your tax rate is going to be changing in the future or has changed since the initial tax entry, you can set a new start date and rate. Click on the disk icon to save the entry

* This will change the tax rate based on the revenue date for any items billed in the future.

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