This lesson will show you how to sell a package to a client.

Click Administration:

Click Packages:

Click Plans:

Click Sell Package in the top right corner:

Select Client by Search or select New Client:

  1. Select from one of the pre-defined package plans by clicking on the Select button


   2. Create a package from scratch by selecting the Create Package option.

Once you have selected your package plan you are provided options to Customize, Apply Coupon, select a Sold By and Invoice option.

Select the Invoice option of Invoice Now or Invoice Later (Invoice Later will put the item in the shopping cart and not ask for a payment until invoiced.)

Customize will allow the editing of the package being sold. Both the Package Details and the Package Billing can be edited. (This will only change the package for the current sale.)

2. You can select Finish & Pay or Finish to have the package created.

Finish & Pay will bring up Record Payment right away.

Finish will open up the invoice but not open up the payment window until Add a Payment is selected.

Select Done to leave the invoice.

The package has been sold and will now appear on the client's account.

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