In Part I, this guide will demonstrate how to link a membership agreement to a membership plan.  In Part II, the guide will also show how to use Documents to create membership agreements and waivers.

** This function is specifically for Advanced Membership contracts.


Select Administration, then select Memberships and Plans.

Select Membership Plan to edit.

*** The Agreement/Waiver can also be added when creating a new Membership Plan.

Select the pencil to edit a plan.

Select Default Document

***See PART II below for instructions for creating documents

Choose the Document from the list. Please see below to create Documents.

Select Next

Select Save & Close if updating a Membership Plan. Select Save & Next to complete set-up of a new Membership Plan.


How to create waivers and agreements that can be linked to membership plans.

Select Administration, then select Documents and Document Templates.

Select Create a new Document, then Select Action.

Create Document Template

Select Save. The new Document will now be available to link to a Membership Plan.

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