This guide will demonstrate how to link a membership agreement to a membership plan (Part I) Then the guide will also show how to use Documents to create membership agreements and waivers (Part II).


Select Administration, then select Memberships and Plans.

Using the pencil icon, Select the Membership Plan to edit.

*** The Agreement/Waiver can also be added when creating a new Membership Plan.

On the Plan Details tab go to the Default Document drop down

***See PART II below for instructions for creating documents. Documents must be created before adding to a Membership plan.

Choose the Document from the list of already created Documents for your location.

Select Next

Select Save & Close if updating a Membership Plan. Select Save & Next to complete set-up of a new Membership Plan.

When selling a new Membership to a client the Document is now included in the set up.


How to create waivers and agreements that can be linked to membership plans.

Select Administration, then select Documents and Document Templates.

Select Create a new document template, then Select Action.

You will then be taken to the Create Document Template area

Make sure the document type is set to Client Document then fill in the Template Name and Description.

*** You can either type directly into the Template Body area or use the Paste Plain Text icon to paste in bulk text.

Select Save. The new Document will now be available to link to a Membership Plan (as shown in Part I).

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