This article will demonstrate adding and managing inventory in the Point of Sale.

Select Products

Inventory can be added and managed within the Inventory Tab. In this tab, you can Add Product and do a Quick Inventory Adjustment once products are already added.

Adding Product Categories

Select Product Categories

Selecting Product Categories will allow adding and editing of product categories.

To add a product category, select the Create Product Category button on the right.

Add the new product category name.

If the new product category is a sub-category of a parent category you have already added, you can select the parent category from the list of available categories.

If you are using Revenue Categories, you can select the category.

***Trainer Note - Revenue Categories are required if you need to charge tax on some items but not others, or if different items have different percentages.

If the product category is a sub-category that is using the same Revenue Category as the parent category, you can select Inherit from Parent Category.

Select Save.

***Trainer Tip - If Revenue Categories have already been set up in Billing Administration, selecting the Revenue Category will add any taxes that have already been assigned to that Revenue Category.

Adding Product Brands

Select Brands

Select Brands, then select Create Brand

Add the brand name, then Save

Adding Product Suppliers

Select Suppliers then select Create Supplier

Add company and contact information, then Save

***Trainer Tip: Product Brands and Suppliers are not required. If you use them, there are related reports: Sales by Brand and Sales by Supplier.

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