This article will demonstrate how to add new products and manage existing inventory.


Select Add Product.

"Product" represents physical items.

New Product, along with item variants can be added

"Variant" represents available alternatives that need to be tracked in order to accurately report inventory. Examples are sizes or colors of the product.

Add the Product Name. This is a required field. Item specifics including Product Category, Brand, and Revenue Category can all be selected if desired.

Select Next to add Pricing & Variants

To add variants Click Yes, Add Variants.

Products can be added with and without variants.

To add item Variants, click the pencil.

Users have to first add at least one and at max two variable attributes by clicking the pencil icon.

Once users have entered one or two variable attributes that will be used to differentiate variants, the check mark can be used to save changes. Use the X to discard changes.

Duplicate item variants cannot be added.

Once all the information (variable attribute, item variants) have been added, hit Save to save a product with Variants.

If the item has no variants, select No, Skip to proceed to adding products.

Product photos can also be added

Add Pricing Details.

Add product wholesale cost, retail cost, inventory if tracking. If tracking inventory, add a re-order level.

***Trainer Tip: The Add Variants button at the bottom can be used when users originally selected No, skip but then decide to add variants instead of just a product. If the Add Variants is selected at this point, it will remove the pricing and inventory quantity for this product and return user to the main screen to add variants.

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