This lesson will discuss how to display selected Online Registrations within a facility's Self-Service portal.

Enable the Desired Group(s) for Online Registrations

Select Groups from the top navigation bar.

Select the specific group that is to be published to Self-Service.

Enable a Group to begin taking registrations online by selecting Online Registration from the left side panel and activating it. If you have previously entered an Online Registration fee the box should be checked off automatically.

Publish an Online Registration to Self-Service

  1. From within the Group select Publish to Self Service.
  2. Publish Name: Enter the name that should be displayed within the Self-Service portal.
  3. Session Start and End Date: Enter the first and last day in which the registration takes place.
    1. Please Note: This is not the first and last day in which the registration should be active-- but the the first and last day of the actual event.
  4. Show in Self-Service: Checking this box will make the registration available within your facility's Self-Service portal.
  5. Select Update Group for any changes to save and become live

Viewing a Published Registration within Self-Service

  1. Navigate to your facility's Self-Service portal
  2. Select Registrations on the left side pane
  3. Expand the published registration to learn more
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