This lesson will show how to book a client into an available session for a single client.

Schedule Page

Click on the available class you wish to book clients into. You can see that the session is available, with no current registrants because the corner color is yellow. Once a client is registered, the corner will turn green if partially full, and red once the session is completely booked.

Reservation Details

Click Register Client

1. Use the search box to find existing clients. Click on the client's name or click Find.


2. Create a New Client.

3. Check the Enable Speed Register to automatically select the package when booking the client.

**Trainer Tip: This option only works if the client has a single package, otherwise you must select the desired package to book from.

Select Package

1. Use the Book Using options for each package to select and book the client into the session(s):

  • This Package: Books the client into the single session you clicked on from the schedule page.
  • All Sessions (x): This books the client into all linked reservations; availability of sessions permitting.
    (Linked reservations refers to a recurring reservation scheduled on a pattern, like a weekly class)
  • Custom: Allows you to specifically pick which of the linked reservations you wish to schedule the client into.

2. Click New Package.

If the client does not have a package or they do not have the appropriate type of package, sell them one before booking. Once you have sold the package you will return to "Select a Package". Complete your booking by following step 1 above.

You will be able to see the information-DOB, Phone Numbers, Age, Medical, if he signed the Waiver, Balance, and if he has a Membership-- of the Client you have chosen.

Registered Successfully

Click Reservation Details.

Reservation Details

When the client is booked into the session you will see them listed in the roster format and have access to additional information for the client:

1. Mark attendance

2. Filter by First or Last Name

3. View additional info

4. View package details

5. View the package invoice, balance or make a payment

6. Remove a client from the class

7. View Next Booked session

8. Email All Clients or Email Checked Clients

Click Finish

Schedule Page

The available session now shows as the partial session color indicator (green corner).

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