This article will review the Self-Service design options available within the Self Service Design section.

Select Administration.

Select Self-Service.

Then select Design

Self-Service Design

1. Self-Service Branding

This option will allow you upload and brand your site with an image banner. The size requirement is 160 pixels wide x 36 pixels tall.

2. Self-Service Colors

This option will allow you to set the primary color your users will see when they log into Self-Service.

3. Welcome Message

This option will allow to enter a brief message that will display on the your clients Self-Service home page when logged in. The message can be formatted and hidden.

4. Self-Service Custom Text

This option lets you edit default terminology. This text appears in the left-hand menu on the Self-Service portal.

***Trainer Tip - If you use specific terminology such as "training" or "court reservations" or "group fitness," use these fields to easily direct your clients.

5. Self-Service Payment Terms & Conditions

This option will allow you to enter your Self-Service Terms and Conditions for purchasing and booking on Self-Service.

***Trainer Tip - This is a great place to put a cancellation or return policy.

6. Self-Service Google Analytics

This option will allow you to monitor Self-Service visitor traffic when you add the tracking Id in the box below

Don't forget to save your settings.

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