This lesson will show you how to create a sub group (team)


Click on the Groups link

Edit Group

Find the group listed among active groups and click on the Group Name.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the New Subgroup button.

Subgroup Details

Populate below fields using the Parent Group: Check the box to populate fields below with the parent group details.

Revenue Category: Select the desired category to associate with all registrants for this group

Group Name: Enter the title of the group

Group Status: Notes the current status of this group

  • Active: The group has yet to begin, is currently in progress or has just recently been completed.
  • Completed: Marks the group to be archived and not display when you click on the Groups link at the top of your account

Auto Archive This Group After: Allows you to set the group as completed automatically after a certain date

Description: Additional detailed information of the new group which will be used for your records.

  • If you would like your clients to see the description on their invoices see How to Include Group/Subgroup descriptions on Invoices.

Session/Sport/Age Division: These fields allow you to associate each option to be used as a filter from the main groups page to view specific sets of groups. These are also used in the Email Campaign function to target specific groups of clients.

Each subgroup is a: In the textbox, enter what each subgroup is (session, class, camp, clinic, etc).  The default will be team if this box is left blank.  This is important for when setting up online registration.  When setting up online registration you will need to set up registration fees with a registration type.  When choosing With a “Subgroup” or New “Subgroup” the “Subgroup” will be replaced with whatever you put in the Each subgroup is a text-box.

Contact Person and Contact Email: Is where you can enter the name and email of the main contact for that group (if any)

Price: Is meant for your records where you can enter the price you charge customers for being part of this group.  The customer does not see the number you enter into this field.  This will appear on the main Groups page. (Used for manual registration at the group level)

Max Individuals: Allows you to enter the maximum amount of people allowed to register into the group.  This is just the main group that you are creating and does not affect the subgroups you may create later.  This will appear on the main Groups page.

When manual registrations are performed this number is ignored and you can exceed it. If the registration is done online, anyone exceeding this number is notified before they fill out the form that they will be placed on a waiting list and will not be an active registrant in the group.

Max Subgroups: Is the maximum amount of subgroups allowed to be in this parent group.  This will appear on the main Groups page.

Allow WaitList: Depending on your selection as default option, you can override it to either not allow or allow a waitlist when a Max Individuals has been set.

Save & Return: Saves the subgroup and takes you back to its parent group to add more sub-groups to the parent group or register members. Your subgroup now appears listed at the bottom of the parent group details page. You can create as many sub groups as needed. The subgroup can be accessed by clicking on the subgroup name itself or the edit (pencil icon) on the far right. The red X can be used to delete the entire subgroup.

Deleting the subgroup does not void any billing for those registrants within the group.

Save & Continue: Saves the new subgroup and keeps you in the new subgroup to continue adding subgroups or register members.

Once you have filled in the necessary or desired fields and you want to continue adding subgroups click Save & Continue.

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