How to Set Up your Default Online Registration Settings

This lesson will show you how to set up the settings for Online Registrations.


Click on Administration.

Click on Online Registration

Registration Header

Click on Choose File to search your computer for a banner image, select the image (.gif or .jpg format with a recommended size of 790 x 100) and click Upload to save the selected image

Forms of Payment

1. Accepted Credit Cards: Checking the card options displays the appropriate card type icon to show up on the registration form

2. Disallow partial CC payments by default: Checked make this the default to all future created groups, does not affect those groups already created

3. Storing of CC info: Sets the default for storing CC info.

4. Default payment Requirements: Sets the default option for all future created groups, but does not affect those groups already created

5. Include the fee description in the billing item: Checking this box will include the fee description in the billing item on the invoice. Enable Auto-Pay when using a payment schedule: Checking this box will automatically enable auto-pay when using a payment schedule during registration by the client. Sub Groups inherit revenue category from parent group: Checking this box will allow the subgroups to inherit the parent group revenue category. Include CVN for CC payments:  Checking this box will include the CVN number field. CVN is required: By Checking this box the CVN is required when making a CC payment. This will only become available once you select to include CVN for CC payments.

6. Selected Taxes: If you have taxes set up for your account, checking the box here will apply tax to all future billed registrations done online

Registration Agreement

Use the Document drop menu to set the the document that will be used for the default Registration Agreement when a client registers online.  This is the text that they are agreeing to when submitting the registration.

Form and Additional Registration Options

Display Number of Openings: Allows you to control whether or not clients can see how many spots are still available when registering.

   - No: Hides the number of available spots

   - Yes: Shows the number of available spots

Allow WaitList in Groups/SubGroups: Allows you to set yes or no as your default waislist option. This can be changed on a group/subgroup level.

   - No: Does NOT allow waitlist

   - Yes: Does allow waitlist

Allow online waiver fulfillment: Is used to decide whether you want the waiver check box within in clients record to be checked when their agreement to the above agreement is done during the registration process. This is typically done in place of obtaining a physically signed copy of the agreement from each client.

** Please check your local/regional laws as well as with your insurance carriers on whether this is an acceptable solution before relying on this as opposed to obtaining a physically signed waiver.

Remember Form Fields: Check the box to have the form remember the entered information for the client once a registration has been submitted. This will reduce time filling out the form for subsequent registrations of the same person or additional family members.

Page Background Color: Allows you to select a color for the background of the registration form, use the color picker or enter the hexadecimal HTML color code

Allow Clients to enter rosters:

   - No: Does not allow the captain to add players to their team

   - Yes, allow payment assignment: This allows a team leader to assign a portion of the team payment to each player they add to their team (only available if you have integrated credit card processing)

   - Yes, disallow payment assignment: This option allows the leader to populate their player roster only

Confirmation Message

Use the default text or enter your own to display to the registrant once the registration form has been submitted.

Adding Email Notifications default email

Enter a single or multiple email addresses (separated by semi-colons) to be sent the notification email for every registration that takes place. This is the default address which can be changed for each group that you create. Click on Save Changes to save any modifications made to this page.

Google Analytics

To monitor visitors to your self-service site add your Google® Analytics tracking id to the box below. This service requires a Google Analytics account.

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