This article will discuss how to individually and mass invite contacts to Self-Service.

**Trainer Tip: contacts must have a valid email address and it is recommended that each contact have a unique email.

1. Individual Invite

You have two options when inviting an individual contact to Self-Service.

Option 1: Invite from client list

  1. Click the Client tab
  2. Click the check box of the client you want to invite
  3. Select the Invite for Self-Service option
  4. You will be prompted that an invitation has been sent.

Option 2: Invite from the Personal tab

  1. Click the Client tab
  2. Click on the name of the client you wish to invite. You may need to use the search function to find the individual.
  3. Send the invite by checking the Enabled box of the Self-Service field.

**Trainer Tip:You can disable a Self-Service account by unchecking the box after they have created an account.

2. Mass Invite to Self-Service

  1. Click the Client tab.
  2. Select All Contacts from the View drop down.
  3. Click the SHOW ALL link.
  4. Click the check box to the left of theFirst Name column in the green header.
  5. Select the Invite for Self-Service option, in the For Checked drop down menu.
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