This guide will demonstrate how to sell a membership from the Membership Plans page. Memberships can also be sold from the client profile.

Select Administration

Click to expand.

Select Memberships then click to expand. Select Plans to reveal all available membership plans.

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Select Sell Membership

Search for an existing client, add a new client or select a client from the list of recently viewed clients.

Once the client is added or selected, choose from available membership plans.

In the Review Tab, the client and plan details can be confirmed. Client or plan details can also be modified.

***Trainer Tip - Plan details can be edited during the sale. This is a convenient option for a membership that is created for a specific person or one that is not frequently sold. Editing the plan during the sale also allows for one-time concessions such as waiving an initiation fee. Changes made during this process will not impact the saved membership plan.

The following options can be edited during a sale:

  • Client name
  • Sold by
  • Referrals
  • Plan Type
  • Plan Description
  • Start date
  • Duration of plan
  • Auto-renew terms
  • Linked waiver
  • Max visits
  • Billing options
  • Cost
  • Auto-pay
  • Pro-rate
  • plan add-ons

Contract Acceptance

The membership contract can be accepted in any of four ways:

  • Paper Copy - a printed document is signed and uploaded to the account
  • Digital Copy - a checkbox declaration that the client accepts the terms and conditions.
  • Digital Signature - the client signs with a digital signature pen or mouse
  • Email Document - the client must have a valid email address in their profile.

    ***Trainer Tip - the email document offers the convenience to the client to accept the document on their mobile phone. The member can decide if they want to save a copy or email a copy of the contract to themselves.

Once accepted, the Document will be available in the member's Document Tab.

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