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Sprint EZ 2019.2 - Release Notes - February 12, 2019

Release notes - EZFacility - Version 2019-2.0.0


  • [EZ-9762] - Application error message when booking a client from a recent check-in through check-in window
  • [EZ-9763] - Customer Detail View Link Not Working in check-in window
  • [EZ-9765] - When the public registration option is off, the option can still be seen on the public view of the self-service site
  • [EZ-9791] - Membership Overview report when using dates in the past is not providing accurate numbers on memberships that were active
  • [EZ-9799] - The Smartwaiver console app gets an error when running in production
  • [EZ-9812] - Viewing documents that were created from Email and Electronic acceptance are giving an error.
  • [EZ-9837] - Group Registrations in self service only shows 4 fees
  • [EZ-9851] - When a user has been given switch locations permission certain calls are returning "ez-error-code": "ProductIsNotAvailableForThisLocation"


  • [EZ-7307] - As a tms user, I want to add my google analytics tracking code to my self-service site
  • [EZ-9738] - As a TMS user, I want the ability to choose the default calendar view for self-service
  • [EZ-9746] - As a TMS user, I want to quickly sell an item without selecting a pre-defined item
  • [EZ-9758] - As a tms user, I want to add my google analytics tracking code to online registrations
  • [EZ-9806] - Location level system admin alerts should always be visisble
  • [EZ-9807] - Reset the global notifications cookie every time the global notification is enabled

New Feature

  • [EZ-9683] - New API endpoint for retrieving TMS resources
  • [EZ-9692] - New API endpoint for retrieving TMS package plans
  • [EZ-9693] - New API endpoint for retrieving TMS clients by package plan ID
  • [EZ-9853] - Add EZMessaging module to system admin


  • [EZ-9834] - New error message when location is using CSIPayEMV Cloud processor but their POS version still is the old version (non-cloud)


  • [EZ-9218] - Investigate on code side the possibility of making the Document Data XML smaller.
  • [EZ-9679] - Add new Clients API endpoints to filter by LastModified
  • [EZ-9726] - Improve the online registration wizard in self-service by moving and reducing steps
  • [EZ-9828] - Use RadEditor for global notification in Account.aspx page
  • [EZ-9829] - Add notification type for Company Notification and Location Notification in AccountDetails.aspx page

Data Change

  • [EZ-9796] - Add a foreign key to the dbo.Resources.ScheduleGroupID column, clean up bad data
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