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Quarterly Newsletter- Q1 2016


Dear Customers,

Mobile apps are here to stay. There are over 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide and approximately 75% own smartphones. The easy accessibility of high speed internet on cellular phones makes it possible for the user to download different apps to perform various functions and fulfill everyday needs. Today, consumers are making more educated decisions and purchases as a direct result of this instant access to information. Businesses cannot afford to ignore this paradigm shift in consumer behavior-- with the fitness industry being no exception. As more and more fitness enthusiasts navigate towards using apps to complement their workouts and help them achieve their fitness goals, it’s become exceedingly clear that health clubs NEED to have a fully branded, customized app to optimize the overall client experience and establish themselves as a trusted source of reliable information and support. With a fully branded app, health clubs can add value and convenience for members, increase revenue, and boost retention


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