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Publishing an Online Registration to Self-Service

This lesson will discuss how to display selected Online Registrations within a facility's Self-Service portal.

Enable the Desired Group(s) for Online Registrations

Select Groups from the top navigation bar.

Select the specific group that is to be published to  Self-Service.

Enable a Group to begin taking registrations online by selecting Online Registration from the left side pane and activating it.

Publish an Online Registration to Self-Service

  1. From within the Group select Publish to Self Service.
  2. Publish Name: Enter the name that should be displayed within the Self-Service portal.
  3. Session Start and End Date: Enter the first and last day in which the registration takes place.
    1. Please Note: This is not the first and last day in which the registration should be active-- but the the first and last day of the actual event.
  4. Show in Self-Service: Checking this box will make the registration available within your facility's Self-Service portal.
  5. Select Update Group for any changes to save and become live.

Viewing a Published Registration within Self-Service

  1. Navigate to your facility's Self-Service portal
  2. Select Registrations on the left side pane
  3. Expand the published registration to learn more

See it in Action!

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