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Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • New Feature: Ability to enable the GDPR for your location to help with compliance
  • Improvement: If the GDPR is enabled, you can select a GDPR document type when creating/editing a document
  • Improvement: If the GDPR is enabled, you can Permenantly Delete clients. This requires the new Permanently Delete permission. Please proceed with caution when permanently deleting clients
  • Improvement: If the GDPR is enabled, you can export an individual clients personal information
  • Improvement: Option to remove sensitive data from Print Roster export
  • Improvement: Ability to select multiple membership types for the following membership reports:
    • Expiring Memberships
    • Low Usage Check-In Report
    • Membership Ending Actions
    • Membership By Status
    • Membership Attrition Report
    • New Memberships
    • Un-accrued Membership Revenue Report
  • Improvement:¬†Ability to send an email when a credit card is declined
  • Improvement: Ability to customize the decline payment email
  • Fixed: Active, paid-to-date membership option not preventing a user to book when there is an due amount
  • Fixed: Reservation Types and Rental types sort order
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