How to view Memberships on a Client Profile in New EZFacility Experience

This guide will show you how to view Memberships on a Clients Profile.

Go to Clients.

To find the client you want to view you can either click on their name if visible in the list of recently accessed clients or enter their name in the text box .

Once on the customer profile click on the Membership Tab.

When first in the Membership area you will be able to see the current active Membership and go to Other Memberships like

- Upcoming Memberships (already renewed)

- Past Memberships (Expired)

- Suspended Memberships

- Frozen Memberships

You can view the other memberships by clicking on the filter toggle.

Once you have clicked on the filter toggle a drop down box will appear to change the Membership view.

When you have found the Membership you would like to view the Membership details for click on the Pencil icon.

A side panel will open up with all the information about that Membership.

From this area you can

1 - Add the User who Sold the Membership to the client

2 - Add a Referred by Name (must be an existing Client)

3 - Change the auto renew for that Membership (change when the Membership auto news, Disable the auto Renew or Renew now)

4 - Add a discount for the Membership when it Auto-Renews

5 - Add an Additional Description for the Membership when it Auto-Renews

6 - Add an Internal Remark for the Membership when it Auto-Renews

7 - Enable or Disable Auto-Pay

8 - Edit the Max Visits on the active Membership

9 - Add a Freeze

10 - Add a Suspension

11 - Cancel a Contract

If you do edit any of the first 8 areas, Please remember to select save for the changes you make or cancel if you no longer want to make that change.





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