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How to sell an advanced membership

The initial membership contract sale will be done via the "Membership Details" section of the client profile.

For a new client the user must scroll down on the client’s personal information page until the “Membership Details” section. Select the gold button labeled “New Contract”, this must be clicked to sell a new client a membership.

**The rest of the information boxes that you see listed are used for simple contracts, in the current example we are using advanced contracts."

Once the user has clicked on the gold “New Contract” button they will be required to enter the contract details. Being as Membership Plans have already been set-up the main thing that needs to be done is to select what plan is to be sold to the client. InNavigate to “Use Plan” and select the proper contract and all the info will auto-fill.

At the bottom of the contract details page there is an area to turn on autopay for this contract-- to be used if the client wishes to automatically charge their saved payment method. Once the user is done they will hit the “Add to Cart” button to continue to the invoicing process.

Once the “Add to Cart” option has been chosen the user will be directed to select the desired invoicing method:

Invoice Later – This creates an invoice, but will not bill the client immediately. The invoice is put into a cart and will stay there until it is taken out and billed to the client.

Invoice Now – Creates an invoice for the purchase and bills it to the client immediately.

Multiple New Invoices – Takes each line item and places it on a separate invoice.

Single New Invoice – Takes entire payment schedule and puts it all onto one invoice.

**When given the choice, be safe and always chose multiple new invoices. If there ever needs to be a billing fix applied to one month it is easier to have that month on its own invoice as to not disrupt the payment schedule for the rest of the months. **

After the initial memberhsip sale, the client now has a “Membership” tab at the top of their personal information page that was not previously there.

Also, within the “Clients” tab a check mark will now be displayed under “Member” for the client.

For Further information, see the link - Memberships

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