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What is the best way to delete test transactions done in the system before going live?

Traditionally, a user will want to delete test transactions that were done in the system during training or as the user was experimenting in the system for a more hands on experience. The user will want to navigate to the invoice of the test transaction that is to be deleted. This is done by clicking the green “Clients” tab at the top of any page in the system. Then, click on the client's first or last name to access their personal information page. At the top of the personal information page click into the green tab labeled “Billing” above the client’s name, as seen below.

Once inside the “Billing” tab select the grey “Invoices” tab located to the left of center, as seen below.

Once inside the “Invoices” tab choose the invoice that was used for training purposes. To access the invoice hit the edit pencil located to the right of the invoice in question.

As this was a training invoice the user will want to get rid of this invoice in a way that it does not show up on the revenue report. This is accomplished by first hitting the shopping cart icon located  to the left of the invoice as seen below.

By hitting the shopping cart icon, the user has removed the billed item from this invoice.

Even though the billed item is no longer on this invoice that does not mean the item is gone-- there is one final step. First hit the grey “Void Invoice” button located at the bottom of the invoice as seen above.

Once the invoice has been voided the system brings the user back to the billing tab where they must now hit the grey “Items” tab located next to the “Invoices” tab from before.

Now that the user is in the “Items” tab find the item that was just taken off the invoice that was just voided. This is easily done by looking for the red “X” for a void, but you should also make sure the date and amount match up with what you were just working on.

Once the user clicks the red “X” a box will pop up to make sure you want to continue with voiding this item. As seen below.

Before the user continues the void please read the warning in the box to ensure this is the action they desired. If it is then simply follow the instructions given and type “YES”-- which must be in all capital letters. Now the item and the invoice have been voided for the test transaction.

**Note that if you are trying to get rid of something that has more than one item on it you must do this process for all items**

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