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What are groups and where do I set them up?

"Groups" is a section used to create registration based programs-- for example camps/clinics, leagues, tournaments, etc. The Groups section is also where the Online Registration settings for each program are created.

Navigate to the Groups tab to begin the set-up process.

Once the tab has been selected the below screen will be displayed.

#1. The "View" includes a search box that will be a vital asset when looking for a particular group among many entries.

Search Groups:  This is where the user can begin typing the name of the desired group. It is important to not that the name does not have to be exact. Selecting the check box on the bottom will display only the active groups to help with your search.

View:  This is where the user can change the view of what is on the group page.

Current View:  This is a drop down list of views the system has included as defaults.

Session, Sport and Age/Division: These are all tags the user can create that will fit the events that they offer at the facility. An example could be session (fall, winter, spring and summer), sport (football, baseball, softball, lacrosse) and age/division (12u, 25 over coed, etc...)


#2. Additionally, the groups scren will house details about groups that have been created in the system already.

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