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What is the best way to put an actual group that contains registrants on the schedule without having to create a package and book them individually

This question really depends on if the user wants to do attendance for the group or not. If the user is not worried about the attendance of this group but simply wants it on the schedule that is as easy as just making a “Reservation Type” for the group. The next step is scheduling time on their schedule to ensure that nothing else gets booked at the same time on the resource this group will need to use.

How to set up a Reservation Type

How to schedule a Reservation Type

However, if the user wants to make sure attendance is marked for this group, be sure that when they are creating the reservation type that the “Default Allow Free Bookings” box is checked off-- as seen below.

This must be checked off so the user can enter clients into the session without them having a package, while also allowing to track attendance. Hit the pink option “Free Booking (No Package)” to book the client from the group into the session.

**If you want to keep track of attendance you must put clients from the group into the session, there is no automatic way to do it**

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