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When I click on the Clients tab I only see 25 clients and not my entire database. Why is that?

The clients tab only shows 25 clients to make for a quicker more precise search for the client the user is looking for. To also help, there are several different client search options that can be utilized by changing the “View”, as seen below.

Once the user has hit the drop down box the system will provide other criteria to search for a client.

Recently Accessed: This is the default view of the last 25 contacts that you have interacted with

Recently Created: This view displays the last 25 clients created in your account by creation date

Birthdays This Month: Clients with a birthday in the current calendar month (must have DOB filled out on client personal information page)

Birthdays Next Month: Clients with a birthday in the next calendar month (must have DOB filled out on client personal information page)

All Members: All clients with an active membership (the current date falls between the start and expiration date of the membership) (SeeHow to Sell a Membership Contract)

All Contacts: Will display all contacts in your account alphabetically by the first letter of the last name, with only one letter displayed at a time. You can click on the "Show All" link to list every contact on one page.

Search Results: Used with the search function to find a contact

Deleted Contacts: The last 25 deleted contacts in your account

Possible Duplicates: Potential duplicate contacts based on a partial first name, full last name and a phone number match

No Category: Clients that do not have a client category assigned

Now under the “No Category” option you will also see each client category that the user has created in the system is an option to search for clients by, as seen below with the category of “Personal Training”.

For more information on Client Categories please click the following link - How to set up Client Categories.

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