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How to Set-up and Use Online Rentals


Online Rentals

There are a few steps to take before a user can access and utilize Online Rentals:

1. Rental Types and Rental Rates must be entered for each rental the user wants to allow for online booking.

2. The user must have Self-Service set up and activated as this is the module that houses Online Rentals.

For More information on setting up any of these modules, please visit the following guides:


How to set up Rental Types

How to set up Rental Rates

EZEssential Video on Rentals


Self Service:

How to set up Self Service

EZEssential Video on Self Service


How To Set Up Online Rentals

Online Rental Settings



1. Click on Administration

Rental Types

2. Click on Rental Types

To set up Self-Service settings for Online Rentals, select the green wrench all the way to the right next to each rental type.

How To Choose Settings For Online Rentals

1. Available for Self-Booking

Allow Booking: Allow clients to self-book this type of rental through Self-Service.

Do Not Allow Booking: Does not allow clients to self-book this type of rental.

2. Allowed Venues

Choose from Available Venues which venues this type of rental can be scheduled with.

3. Rental Rate

Select the rate for this rental type from the drop down.

Choose whether this rate must be paid in full or allow partial payments/pay later option.

4. Rental Cutoff Times

Clients may rent a slot up to ___ ____ before it starts- Set the time prior to the rental start time that will prevent clients from renting a slot. The system will default to 30 min before the rental starts.

Clients may rent a minimum of ____ _____. Set the minimum time length for this type of rental.

Clients may rent a maximum of ____ ____. Set the maximum time length for this type of rental. The maximum time of a rental cannot exceed the maximum time the facility is open for one day.

5. Default Requirements

Membership: This option requires that the client using Self Service to rent slots must have an active membership that has been paid-to-date.

Click Save.

How To Book And Purchase a Rental Through Self Service

Renting Slots in the Self-Service Portal

1. Click Schedule+.

2. Click “Rental”.


Find New Rentals

3. Utilizing the search filters, clients can select a rental type, length, and venue to view available rental slots.

Location Hours

4. Location hours refer to the hours the facility is open and rental slots are available.


Search Filters

5. Rental Type: Clients may choose from the list of rental types and rates the user has set up in administration.

6. Rental Length: Clients may select the length of this rental. Rental lengths will appear in either hour or half hour increments depending on how the user has set the facility hours and the time increments on their EZFacility schedule.

Note: The minimum time the user set up in administration will auto-fill.


7. Venue: Clients must also choose the location or Venue they wish to rent. Only venues the user has allowed for rentals in Self-Service will be visible.

Days: Client may choose specific days to look for available slots.

Time Frame: Clients may select a time frame to search for available slots.


Apply Filter

8. Click Apply Filter.

Clients must click Book Me for the desired slot.

Fill out payment information details.

9. Click Submit or Pay Later button to finish the payment option for this rental.

Note: The pay later button does not automatically appear. This is a choice the user must make when setting up rental preferences (See Rental Rate section).

10.The system will generate a rental booking confirmation.

Note: For this example the “Pay Later” button was used to complete the rental.

The rental booking is now visible on the Self-Service home page.

How to View Booked Rentals

1. The rental booking is now visible on the Self-Service home  page.

2. Clients may also view rental bookings by clicking “My Account+” and “My Schedule” to see what they have already scheduled within the system.

3. Every rental booked will immediately appear on the main EZFacility schedule.

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