How to Setup your EZPayments EMV Terminal in EZFacility

Feature Availability: This article reviews the setup of a Lane 3000 terminal if your EZFacility account is using EZPayments. If you are not using EZPayments, or you are using EZPayments and have not yet ordered an EMV Terminal and are interested in learning more about what it offers, please contact our Payment Services Manager, Tim Carter, at If you are not using a Lane 3000 terminal, please select this link for your EMV Terminal Configuration and go to the connecting your EMV Terminal to EZFacility section afterward.

With EZPayments, users can connect an EMV terminal to their account for safe and secure payment processing. This guide will review how to complete the setup process of a Lane 3000 terminal.

EMV Terminal Configuration

Cable Configuration

When you receive your EMV terminal, you must complete the following steps before the terminal can be used in EZFacility.

  • Plug included ethernet cable into internet router.
  • Plug power cable into 120V power outlet and into the back of the ethernet cable.
  • Plug ethernet cable into back of the Lane/3000.

Hosted Estate Manager Download

  • From the idle screen press the “F” key. If prompted for amount press the “F” key a second time. Please note: The 'F' key is at the bottom of the keypad.
  • Select “Admin Mode” if given the option.
  • If prompted for the admin password type “123456A” then press the “Enter (Green)” key. Please note: To get to the capital 'A' to enter the password, please select the 'Number 2' six times.
  • Select “Tetra Admin”.
  • Select 1-Download Application
  • Select 2-Start Download
  • Press the “Enter (Green)” key when prompted to “Enter package name”. No value is needed.
  • The device will reboot twice then settle on the idle screen.

Set Date and Time

  • From the idle screen press the “F” key (silver circle key) .
  • Select “Admin Mode”.
  • If prompted enter the admin password (“123456A” by default) then press the “Enter (Green)” key. Please note: To get to the capital 'A' to enter the password, please select the 'Number 2' six times.
  • Select “Tetra Admin”.
  • Select “Set Date and Time”.
  • Select “Set Date”.
  • Enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format and press “Enter (Green)” key.
  • Select “Set Time”.
  • Enter time in hh:mm format and press “Enter (Green)” key.
  • Press the “Enter (Green)” key.
  • Press “Cancel (Red)” key twice to return to idle screen.

Connecting your EMV Terminal to EZFacility

For a user to connect your EMV Terminal they must have the EMV Permission set in the 'User' settings page. This can be seen by going to:

  • Administration
  • Location Settings
  • Select the shield icon next to the user's name
  • Review the user settings and make updates to the EMV Permission as needed

To enable the EMV Terminal, you will go to:

  • Administration
  • Location Settings
  • EMV-Terminals
  • Select '+Add Terminal'
  • Give this terminal a name
  • Add the Terminal Code (This code should be sent to you by the EZFacility Team)
  • Select the 'Active' checkbox
  • Select 'Add'
  • After save you can select the default checkbox to make the terminal auto-populate for EMV transactions when taking an EMV payment in your account.

Your EMV Terminal should now be ready to take payments! If you have any questions about this setup or if your EMV is not connecting properly, please go to and select 'Submit a Request'.

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