Chalk Talk December 2023: Top 5 Financial Reports in EZFacility

Welcome to the EZFacility Chalk Talk Series: a platform where our Success Team shares exclusive and valuable insights to help you optimize our software and grow your business. 

As you reflect on the performance of your business in 2023, it's important to have a strategic understanding of your facility's overall financial health. In this month's Chalk Talk, we unveil the top five financial reports in EZFacility, and how you can utilize each. Click the "Learn More" buttons to be directed to an in-depth guide on generating and analyzing each report.

The Top 5 Financial Reports in EZFacility

Revenue Summary Report

This report generates a summary report of revenue. If revenue categories are set up, the report allows filtering by categories such as taxes generated, payments applied, and discounts given within an entered date range. You can also enter a revenue goal and compare your goal to your actual revenue. 

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Deposits Report

EZFacility's deposits report is an excellent resource for seeing the total number of transactions, payments, and refunds that have been processed within a given date range.

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Unapplied Payments by Customer Report

This report is excellent for an overview of your clients who have unapplied payments and unpaid invoices. It will also allow you to see the "liability" for each client.

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Open Invoices by Customer Report

This resource is best used for seeing all open invoices within a given date range. If you run the report to the current day, ideally the report should be empty. If it is not, this means you have clients with outstanding balances.

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Invoices Report

This report is a great resource for seeing all invoices created in your account within a given date range. It will also allow you to see both open and paid invoices. 

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