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How to Create MemberMe+ Announcements

Announcement modules are a visual way to advertise special offers, upcoming events, important dates, and more! Announcement images can be hosted anywhere on the web, however they must not exceed 640x680 px.-- with PNG and JPG being the only supported file types.

Adding an Announcement Image

Adding an Announcement Image

Select Announcement from the console toolbar

Select Add New Announcements

1. In order to upload an image you will click on the icon.

Please Note: The image used must be saved on your computer and for best results the image being uploaded should be 640px wide by 680px high.

2. Select the desired Valid Date. Should no date be entered in Steps 2 or 3, the Promotion will publish immediately and be valid until removed.

3. Enter the desired Target Action-- meaning what happens when this promotion is selected by a user.

-Tap to Call: Enter the desired phone number-- including area code.

-Tap to email: Enter the desired email address.

-Tap to website: Enter the URL of the desired webpage.

-Tap to Refer a Friend and Tap to Buy: These options are not currently supported by MemberMe+-- please disregard.

4. Enter the text description of the announcement to be displayed-- not to exceed 20 characters.

5. Save Changes.

See it in action below!

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