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Ability to use revenue category taxes for online registration fees

To begin this process go to the "Administration" tab and select the "Online Registration" section and click into "Online Registrations" field.

EZFacility TMS - Google Chrome

EZFacility TMS - Google Chrome

Once inside scroll down till you see the following choices.

EZFacility TMS - Google Chrome

EZFacility TMS - Google Chrome

By checking off the box next to "Use group's revenue category taxes" you are saying that the online registration for your groups will be the tax that is attached to the revenue category that has been attached to each group.  Also if a revenue category is not attached to the group the system will, by default, will use whatever "Selected Taxes" have been checked off. You can select more than one tax to be used at one time on a group so making sure a group gets a state sales tax and a federal sales tax is not a problem.

Here are some links for more information on revenue categories - Why would I want to step up Revenue Categories?How to set up Revenue Categories.

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