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Ability to set drag & drop default

As a user you can now choose a default option for the reservation drag & drop.

** You have the option to choose Reschedule or Move Booking as your Drag & Drop default. Choosing one of these options as your default will not display the popup and the action - Reschedule or Move Bookings - will happen automatically after dropping the reservation into a new time slot and you will not be able to cancel.

EZ Facility TMS - Google Chrome

EZ Facility TMS - Google Chrome

In the example above the "Reschedule" option has been chosen. When this option is being used a reservation can be moved to a new time/resource but the original time/resource will still be filled in to ensure no other reservation can now take up the original time slot. (original above is the 11am time slot and was moved to the 1pm time slot)

If the "Move Booking" is chosen the system will simple move the reservation from one time/resource to another. This leaves the original time/resource open to be booked again.

EZ Facility TMS - Google Chrome

EZ Facility TMS - Google Chrome

If the "No Default" option is selected then every time a reservation is moved a box will appear on the screen to make sure this is the action you wish to take with the reservation. if it is simply hit the grey "Move" button.

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