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EZFacility - Glossary of Terms

  1. Membership – A contract that a client agrees to pay a monetary amount for use of your facility, a client can only have one membership at a time.
  2. Package – A series of classes bought in addition to or instead of a membership which allows your client access to take the classes associated with the package that was sold to them. (i.e. Zumba, CrossFit, Yoga or Personal Training etc..)
  3. Client – a person whose information is inputted into your EZFacility system (could be just there for a rental or just has a package)
  4. Member – A person who is in your system but also has a membership to your facility.
  5. Invoice – Billing record which can have one or more items attached to it
  6. Items – the actually contracts/packages/physical item being sold on an invoice
  7. Resource – Any line item on your schedule that can be scheduled out to the public (i.e. venues and trainers)
  8. Unit Price – How much are you selling this product for (i.e. you sell a water bottle for $2.50, $2.50 is your unit price)
  9. Buying Price – How much you buy the item for from your supplier (i.e. I buy the water bottle for $1.00 to sell in my facility, $1.00 is my buying price)
  10. Quantity Per Unit – For my Unit price how many items is the customer buying (i.e. how many bottles of water do I sell for my unit price 1 for $2.50 or 2 for $2.50)
  11. Trainers – Can be used interchangeable with other terms such as coaches or instructor, just depends on what you would like to see on your schedule.
  12. Auto Pay – When the system is set to take a payment from a client’s credit card/debit card for a scheduled payment that has been agreed to by both parties
  13. Auto Renew – When the system is set to create another contract for a client (i.e. a membership or package) has nothing to do with the collecting money.
  14. Bill Every – Asking you when creating a membership what is the length of that contract being created (month to month, 3 month, 6 month or yearly)
  15. Bill (blank) time(s) each contract – How many times do you want the membership being created to be billed (i.e. if it’s a M2M for a yearly contract the number would be 12, once for each month being billed)
  16. Per Session – When selling a package this means you want to charge a certain price for every session/class they are about to purchase (i.e. $25 per session means the client is paying $25 for every session/class they want to attend)
  17. Per Package – When selling multiple classes to a client for one price at one time. (i.e. You sell a package of 5 personal training classes for $100)
  18. Reservation Type – the type of classes and training you will want to put on your schedule
  19. Default Allow Free Booking – If you include classes with a membership you must check this off to allow someone to book into the class without a package.
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