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How To Set An EMV Terminal As The Default Terminal


  1. Select Administration

CSIPay EMV Terminals

CSIPay EMV Terminals
  1. Navigate to the "CSIPay EMV Terminals" section.
  2. Click "Manage EMV Terminals".

Note: The sidebar located to the left of the Administration page allows for quick access to the CSIPay EMV Terminals section.


  1. Select the corresponding box for the desired default terminal.

Please note:

  • The default column designates the terminal that will be selected by default when completing transactions on that computer only.
  • If you have 2 computers and Terminal 11 is set as the default for computer 1, it will not automatically be added as the default for computer 2 unless specifically designated using the steps listed above.
  • A default terminal can also be set when completing a transaction - See How to Take an EMV Terminal Payment
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