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How To Set Up A CSIPay EMV Terminal

*** Before setting up a new terminal it must first be authenticated.  To be completed, access to the terminal purchase confirmation email is required. Should you not have this confirmation email handy, please call the support phone number attached to the terminal.***


  1. Select the "Administration" tab in green at the top of the screen.

CSIPay EMV Terminals

CSIPay EMV Terminals
  1. Located on the left sidebar, select "CSIPay EMV Terminals".

Please Note:

  • If the sidebar is not visible, please ensure that it is not minimized.
  • Alternatively it is possible to scroll down to the CSIPay EMV Terminals section and select "Manage EMV Terminal" - See next step.
  • If both the shortcut and CSIPay EMV Terminal section are not visible, please contact our support team by emailing

Manage EMV Terminals

Manage EMV Terminals
  1. Select "Manage EMV Terminals"

Add Terminal

Add Terminal
  1. Select "Add Terminal" in grey
  2. Terminal Name:  Input the number of the physical number or the physical location of where the terminal will be located (i.e. Front Desk).
  3. Terminal Type: Select the type of terminal purchased from the drop down list. (See picture below.)
  4. Terminal Number: The number located on the sticker of the new CSIPay EMV terminal.
  5. Active:  Terminal must be enabled for use by a facility by selecting "Active".
  6. Click Add

Optional: Once the terminal(s) have been added they may be selected as the default terminal - See How to Set an EMV Terminal as the Default Terminal

- after all steps have been completed, the CSIPay EMV terminal should be ready to begin taking payments - See How to Take an EMV Terminal Payment

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