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I do not have Constellation Payments, can I stay with my merchant?

The short answer to this question is absolutely yes. Be sure however, that someone reaches out to your current merchant processor to discuss what EMV terminal options are available to you--and what costs are associated with making the upgrade.

Please Note:

Any EMV terminals not purchased through our preferred partner-- Constellation Payments -- will not be integrated to work with EZFacility.

If you choose not to use Constellation, but wish to remain EMV compliant:

  • Any card present (swipe or chip card) transactions will need to be processed on an EMV terminal first, outside of EZFacility.
  • After the completion of the transaction, the payment must then be recorded into EZFacility using the 'Credit Card External' payment method.

This additional step only applies to those who accept card present transactions (swipe or chip card), and are looking to be EMV compliant. It does not affect auto-pay or online payments.

Should you not wish to make the change to be EMV compliant or you do not accept card present transactions, you may continue to take payments through EZFacility using the 'Credit Card Processed' payment method. 

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