Chalk Talk November 2023: Updating Membership Pricing


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The Importance of Updating Your Pricing

As we enter November, it's important to consider ways to manage your operational expenses effectively. One proven method is to increase your membership pricing annually. By adopting this approach, you can take control of your expenses and ensure that your business remains financially stable over the long term. Let's dive in!

Your Guide to Updating Membership Pricing

Follow these simple steps to review and update your membership pricing within your EZFacility software portal. 

Step 1: Login and Navigate to Membership Plans:

  • Login to your EZFacility account
  • From the left menu, find and select “Administration" 
  • Expand "Memberships"
  • Select "Plans"

Step 2: Choose Which Membership to Update:

  • Find your plan and click on the pencil icon to edit.

Step 3: Verify Membership Contract Renewal Setting: 

  • From the “Plan Details” tab, review your current setting in the section labeled “Contract renews as."  
  • If this is matching your current membership description, then proceed to Step 4.  
  • If it is set to “Copy of Itself" refer to the instructional video provided.

Video Tutorial for Updating Membership Pricing

Join our support manager, Greg, as he walks you through how to update your membership pricing contracts when set to renew as "Copy of Itself."

Step 4: Updating Membership Pricing:

  • With your membership in edit mode select the "Billing" tab
  • Locate the field labeled "Fee billed each term" and update your pricing
  • Make any additional changes to your plan
  • Select “Save and Close”

Step 5: Verify Changes:

  • Once you have applied your changes you will be redirected back to your list of memberships.  Review the price from this list view to confirm your changes have been saved properly.  

Congratulations! You have successfully updated the pricing for your membership in EZFacility. Any client who purchases or renews this membership plan will receive the updated pricing. 

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