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Creating Tags For a Client Synced With InfusionSoft

Feature: Users with both EZFacility and InfusionSoft are now able to now synchronize their contact details between both platforms.  

Scenario: Users can add Tags to clients which will then appear in their EZFacility Contact Details

Adding Tags To InfusionSoft

In order to synchronize the customizable tags from InfusionSoft with EZFacility, these tags must first be created within InfusionSoft.

Open the setup tab, and then select Add Tag button to create a new tag.

Add/Edit Tag

Users then add the following information:

a) Tag Name - Give a name to the tag you want to add

b) Category - Choose from the following categories: Customer Tags, Nurture Tags, Prospect Tags, or Other (custom).

c) Description - Description of the tag you are creating.

Remember to select "Add Tag" to save the tag.

Setting the tags for a client within EZFacility

To view or edit the tags for a client in EZFacility,

1) Go into the Clients tab

2) Search for and select the desired client record

3) Scroll down their details page until they find the "Infusionsoft" section

All of the tags the user has creating through InfusionSoft will show up in the drop down menu.

NOTE: In order for your selection to be saved, remember to click on the Update button at the top or bottom of the page

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