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How to Find The Details Required to Integrate EZFacility With InfusionSoft

Feature: Users are now able to now integrate EZ Facility with InfusionSoft, a popular Contact Management System (CMS).

Scenario: In order to configure your EZFacility account to sync your contacts with InfusionSoft, an API URL and API Key must be generated from within InfusionSoft and sent to EZFacility customer support for processing.  We will also need an export of any data you have stored in other CMS systems that you want to import into your InfusionSoft account.

Details Necessary To Integrate EZFacility With InfusionSoft

In order to configure your EZFacility account to sync your contacts with InfusionSoft, the details we require are:

a) API URL: for example -

b) API Key: for example - 525874544212211133xxxxxx454x4564x4565

c) Previous CMS Tag Data: export of the tag list and client tag map from your old CMS so that we can import this information into InfusionSoft

See below how to find or generate the API credentials for a) and b).  You may need to contact the technical team for your old CMS for c).

a) How To Find Your InfusionSoft API URL

The API URL will be the same as the URL you receive from your InfusionSoft e-mail or account details, with "/api/xmlrpc" added to the end.

For example - if the url is

then API URL will be

If you are unable to locate the API URL on your own, please contact InfusionSoft technical support ( to get the url

b) How To Generate The InfusionSoft API Key

Once user has the InfusionSoft account they are able to generate the API Key using the following:

a) Login to Infusionsoft using your account details

b) Go to Setup -> Misc. Settings -> Application Settings -> Miscellaneous tab

c) Go to the API section

d) Enter an API Passphrase. This phrase is used one time to generate the API Key - any phrase will do

e) Click on Save and then go back to that page again and you will see Encrypted Key / API Key.

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