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Setting up your Reservation Types for MemberMe+

In order for reservations to appear in an EZFacility Schedule Module in the app, the Reservation Types need to be assigned to the correct Category.  The Self-Service/MemberMe+ options then need to be configured for that Type.

Assigning Reservation Categories to a Reservation Type

Assigning Reservation Categories to a Reservation Type

Before your reservations will appear in MemberMe+, they must first be assigned a Reservation Category.  This is done on the Reservation Types page of the EZFacility “Administration” tab.

When creating a new Reservation Type, use the “Res. Category2” dropdown menu to assign it to the desired category.

To change an existing Reservation Type, click the “Pencil” icon and select the Reservation Category2 from the dropdown menu. Be sure to select the “Disk” icon to save your changes when finished.

For assistance with creating new Reservation Categories, please contact our customer support team

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