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How to Set Up Online Registration (League/Tournament)


Click on the Groups link

Edit Group

Find the group listed among active groups and click on the Group Name

Group Details

Click on the Online Registrations tab

OLR Options

OLR Options

1. Set a Close Date for the registration

*Leave blank for open-ended

2. Use the default Email Notification address or uncheck the Use Default box and type in a new (or additional) email address(s)

Add New OLR Fee

Click on Add New Fee

OLR Fees

Type: Choose the registration type you wish to create a fee for:

  • Individual: Client will register into the parent group as an individual. (not associated with any sub groups)
  • With a "Sub Group": Client will be able to choose which subgroup to register into.
  • New "Sub Groups": Allows the client to create a sub-group and automatically be a registrant within the group (Used primarily for Leagues or Tournaments)

Description: The description of this fee. This will be shown in the list of fees a registrant has to choose from.

Amount to Bill: Enter in the fee.

*The amount the registrant will be billed if they choose this fee, before taxes. To choose which taxes apply to online registrations, browse to Administration > Online Registrations. To specify how much of this is to be paid immediately and when the remainder is due, set a Deposit and/or a Payment Schedule.

Deposit: Deposit amount (if desired, to require a minimum fee that must be paid if you do not require the full amount)

*An optional amount of the registration fee that is due immediately upon registration. If a Payment Schedule is specified with no start date, the first installment in that pattern is also due immediately so that the actual first installment is larger than the following installments by the amount of the Deposit. If you take online credit card payments for OLR, and you opt to disallow partial payments (Deposit will have no effect). If you allow partial payments, this combined first installment will be the minimum amount the registrant is required to pay at registration.

Payment Schedule: Allows you to set a schedule of payments to be followed based on the total registration cost.

*An optional pattern that will be used to generate the payment schedule for the registration invoice. After taxes are applied and the invoice is totaled, first the Deposit amount is made due on the date of registration. This pattern applies to the remainder of the invoice after that. If no start date is given, then the first installment will be due on the date of registration, so it will be combined with the Deposit amount to determine the minimum payment to allow if you require online credit card payments for OLR. (This minimum is ignored if you disallow partial payments.)

Enable Auto-Pay w/Schedule: Use the default Auto-Pay option or uncheck the Use Default box to check or uncheck "Enable Auto-Pay.

*Determines if auto-pay will automatically be enabled for the invoice of new registrations when this fee has a payment schedule. If this fee does not use a payment schedule, then this option has no effect.

Click on Add to enter your fee(s)

View Fee(s)

Once added, you can disable a fee using the Red X icon or enable a fee by clicking on the green check mark. You can click on the green up or down arrows to reorder the fees. Click the pencil icon to edit the fee. You can click on the red circle icon to the far right to hide the fee.

  • You can also create multiple fees, either all the same type for varying amounts or of different types.


Note: This section shows all of the fees that you have entered for this group. When a client registers, they will choose which fee they want to register with. To enable online registrations, you must specify at least one fee for each type of registration you wish to allow, even if the amount is zero.

When there are multiple rates for a registration type, the description should indicate whom qualifies for each rate, such as “Member” or “Non-member”.

Go to the "Add New Fee" section to add a new fee. You cannot edit an existing fee, but you can delete the fee by clicking on the red X.


Payment Requirements

Payment Requirements

Use the Default: The default option is set up in Administration in the Online Registration section (See How to Set up your Default Online Registration Settings)

*These are the override settings for this group and have precedence over the payment requirement settings set up in Administration. By default, this group uses the setting from Administration. Allow registrants to make a payment at a later date and time, or in order to register, the registrants must place an immediate payment, or do not charge the registrants but collect their credit card information.

Allow registrants to pay later: Allows for either Credit Card info to be entered or the option to pay later. Pay later does not collect any billing, but the customer will receive an invoice showing the registration cost as due.

Require immediate online CC payment: This disables the pay later option and requires that a credit card be used. The card is charged immediately (if you have an integrated merchant account) or it is saved to the client's billing page within their client profile, allowing you to charge it manually through a physical terminal.

Require CC info but do not charge or Pay Later: Credit card info can be entered, but will not charge the card (acts like the require immediate CC option where you do not have integrated processing, even if you do have it) OR the option to pay later. Pay later does not collect any billing, but the customer will receive an invoice showing the registration cost as owed.

Require CC info but do not charge: Requires that the credit card info be entered, but will not charge the card (acts like the require immediate CC option where you do not have integrated processing, even if you do have it)

Disallow partial credit card payments: prevents the customer from changing the amount to be paid when the registration is submitted.

*All deposits and payment schedule patterns will be ignored and require the registrant to pay for the registration in full if this option is turned on.

Force storing of CC info: When checking to store CC info when using payment schedules, the registrant's credit card will always be stored so that it can be used for future charges on the payment schedule.

Use PlayerGrid Notifications: (Used primarily for Leagues or Tournaments) Enabling PlayerGrid integration for this group will allow your registrants whom create a new team to track the team's schedule and more on the PlayerGrid web site. If you do not have the option to enable PlayerGrid, please contact your account manager for more details.

Only enable this integration if:

* You will publish this group and its subgroups to EZLeagues as a league and teams.


* You will create a schedule for this league in EZLeagues.

Online Description

Online Description

Use the text editor toolbar to create and format your information in the empty white space. This information will be displayed on the first page view when a client clicks on a registration link.

Update and Preview

Please make sure you click update before you close the page.

1. Click on the Update button

2. Click on Preview to view the registration form that you have set up

3. Once everything is ready, you can highlight, right-click & copy the web link and give it to your website administrator to post on your website or you can email it out to your customers

Note: Once you have highlighted the URL you can hit Ctrl+C to copy the link


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