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New Reservation Process

The process to create a new reservation has been updated with many new features and options.  This lesson will cover how to create a new reservation in Schedule 2.0

Select the resources and available time slots

Select the resources and available time slots

Single Resource Reservation:

From the Schedule page, click on an open time slot with the reservation. If this will be a recurring reservation, be sure to select the first date and time desired.

Multi-Scheduling Reservation:

Next to each resource, click the Circle icon to include them in the reservation.  Use the Deselect button to clear your selection.  Select the desired start time as usual.

Add a new Reservation

1. Next to Reservation Type, select Session

2. Select the Reservation Type.  The Class Size may automatically change, based on your custom Session Type options.  You can override this change by clicking the box and manually entering a Class Size.  The Title will default to the Program Type. You can override this change by clicking the box and manually entering a Title.  Note that the session title with a Class Size of 1 will change to be the registrant's name as soon as this person registers for the class.

3. Set the desired Start Time and End Time.  Note that reservations can now span multiple days.  You can also Split a longer session to create a series of smaller sessions that fill the selected time.

4. Select Save and Finish.  You can start registering clients into this session using the Save and Add Client(s) button.  If this reservation is part of a series, you can choose to Select the Recurring Pattern (See below)

Setting a Recurring Pattern - Add More

1. Set the details of the pattern to be added to the reservation.

2. Select Add New Occurrences to save your changes. Note that if you have multiple patterns you wish to add, you will need to select Add New Occurrences and then Add More to include a new pattern into the same reservation.

Setting a Recurring Pattern - Change or Delete multiple items at once

1. Once a pattern has been selected, you can make changes to one or more sessions by checking the boxes next to the desired sessions

2. Select Modify Checked, and use the options above to change the Dates, Times, Resources, Reservation Types, Titles and Class Sizes.


2. Select Delete Checked to remove the selected options.

3. Select Preview Changes to verify the results

4. Click Save and Finish when finished.

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