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How to Refund/Return a POS Transaction

This lesson will show you how to refund/return/void a product in your POS

Note: You can refund a payment via client's account - See How to Issue a Refund

** You cannot return an item through the client's account. All items must be returned through the POS application.

Select your Register

Select your Register

Choose Cash Register

** The register only needs to be selected when you first log into your account


Click on Invoices

Find Transaction

1. Type in the invoice number (found on the receipt or in your POS Sales Reports)

2. Click Get Invoice to display a specific transaction

Items to be Refunded

Click on the Product Name


Insert Return Quantity

Insert Return Quantity

1.Enter the QTY

*Use the + and - to add or remove QTY.

2. Click OK

*** Note: This will only display if the item you are trying to return has a quantity greater than 1.

Refund Transaction

Click on your Refund Method

Note: Click the pencil icon to add a memo

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