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Setting Up Membership Plans

This lesson will show you how to set up your Membership Plans (See How to Set up Membership Types to learn how to enter a Membership Type before setting up your Membership Plans)


Click on the Administration link

Membership Administration

Membership Administration

Click on the Membership Plans link

Membership Plan Options

Membership Type: Type of membership the client is signing up for.

1. Membership Description: This description identifies the plan and is used when actually selling the contract.

2. Bill Every: Billing term for the contract.

3. How Many Times: Term length of a contract.

4. Auto-Renew: If the amount of time before expiration is left blank, this contract will not automatically renew. Otherwise, early in the morning of that day, a new contract will be automatically created and billed.

If the contract renews "as a copy of itself", the billing terms and fees will be identical to this contract. You can also choose one of your pre-defined plans, and the new contract will be set up according to that plan exactly. This is useful for one type of membership "rolling into" another type. If you enter a specific billing amount, or accept the default when you choose a renewal plan, the new contract will bill at that rate regardless of what the fees for this contract or the chosen plan are when the contract renews. If the renewal fee is left blank, the fee will be copied from the current settings of the renewal plan or from this contract directly. Initiation fees are always waived for renewed contracts. In general, the length of time for renewal should be as short as possible. The longer it is, the longer new pending contracts will be sitting idle for your members, potentially causing complications when you need to make changes to the current contract. If you will occasionally need to take payments or make other changes to the billing of a member's future contracts, you can instantly renew a contract manually at any time.

5. Start Date: This allows you to set a static start date which will be used for this plan regardless of the date sold. If you leave this field blank the start date will default to the day the contract is sold.

6. Fee Billed: Dollar amount the client will be charged per term

7. Initiation Fee: Added fee to be charged for the first invoice only

8. Max Visits: Entering a value limits the number of check-in's during the contract term

9. Payments Due On: This is the day that payment will be due on. If you are using Auto Pay this will be the day that the credit card or EFT account will be charged for the membership fee. If you select "15th of the month" and the Start Date of the contract is after the 15th, the payment will default to the Revenue Date. Choosing the Custom option will allow the payment due date to be any number of days from each revenue date.

10. Sell Online: This allows you to allow the membership plan to be sold online. There are only 2 options: Yes or No. Yes allows the Membership Plan to be sold online and No disallows the Membership Plan form being sold online.

Create a Plan

Fill in the fields as you desire to create the plans you wish to sell and click on Add Membership Plan

Added Membership Plan

Added Membership Plan

View your existing membership plans listing and utilize the pencil icon to edit a current type or the red X icon to delete the type. The green arrows can be used to change the order in which the plans are listed.

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